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Padel Business Consulting

At World of Padel – WOP we have been providing international business development and marketing consultancy services to companies in the padel sector since 2011.

Proud pioneers of the internationalization of padel.


Our services are designed and aimed at two main target groups:

At companies in the padel sector that want to start, expand or improve their international operations: search for partners, distributors, sales representatives or new customers.

And also at entrepreneurs and investment groups who want to develop a new project, whether it is a brand, a club, a commercial distribution or any type of padel company.


We can assit and accompany you from the very beginning: from the design of the concept and business plan to the selection, negotiation, and contracting of suppliers, partners, and staff.

Throughout these more than 10 years we have had the fortune and privilege of working with a wide variety of companies within the padel sector: from manufacturers of courts, padel racquets and all kinds of products, software companies, event organisers, media, distributors and padel club promoters in Europe, Middle East, America and Asia.


We offer flexible collaboration formulas that adjust to the needs and characteristics of each project and client:

Hourly or Daily Consultancy

If you have a specific need you can engage us for a short period of time and immediate support.

Retained Consultancy

For a mid-term relationship or project we can work in a monthly basis as an outside area Director or member of the board.

Project fee

This option, with a closed fee, is the most suitable for well-defined and time-bound projects.


As a natural consequence of all the work, experience and market knowledge we have gained during this time, we have developed our own specialised products and services.
These are our “Spin Offs”:

Padel Recruits


Padelmunity is the new exclusive digital platform for the B2B connections of the Padel Industry worldwide. Reach and connect in a fast, direct and effective way. Just business, no bullshit.

Padel Recruits

The one and only company specialized in the international recruitment of qualified and experienced staff (coaches, managers, marketing, sales,…) for all types of padel companies.


You can follow our activity and contact us through our social networks or using this contact form:

“Our job consists essentially of finding new efficient solutions, products and services for the challenges that are proposed to me. That is why when I am asked what I do, I usually answer that I am fundamentally an inventor.”

“Inventing Padel Since 2011” Fernando Blanca – WOP